This article was originally published in the Jerusalem Post on May 13th, 2024, written by Adam Milstein

Antisemitism is a persistent scourge that has haunted the Jewish people for centuries. For thousands of years, Jews faced discrimination, persecution, and state-sanctioned violence. This perilous existence, as guests in other countries, culminated with the Holocaust. Despite the hopes of the well-intentioned “Never Again” soothsayers, since the Holocaust, antisemitism has hardly disappeared into the dustbin of history.

From the Romans to the Babylonians, from the Soviets to the French, from Nazism to the Arab world, and now to American college campuses and elite academic circles, antisemitism endures. It is malleable and pernicious.

Anti-Jewish bigotry adapts repeatedly. It morphs and shape-shifts. Today, this is best seen in the Islamo-leftist alliance, a close relationship between two ideologies that seem to have little in common. Their commonality? Hatred of Jews. Since October 7, this modern version of the ancient hatred has escalated to alarming levels. It threatens not only Jewish communities around the globe but also the very existence of the State of Israel.

Israel has a lot on its plate at the moment.

A war in Gaza and a hot conflict with Hezbollah in its North. An increasingly emboldened Iran seeking nuclear weapons. A cascade of diplomatic crises around the world. But this is an issue that cannot wait. Global antisemitism threatens all Jews – and it threatens the State of Israel. The Jewish state has to figure out how to fight on many fronts and lead the charge against this worldwide scourge.

For the first time in history, in the face of rampant antisemitism in the Diaspora, there is a Jewish state. Not merely any state, but a Jewish state with power. With means. With resources, fortitude, and immense capabilities. Ensuring Jews would no longer be forced to rely on others for their safety was a motivating factor of Zionism. The Holocaust proved this view prescient when Jews across Europe, with neither army nor state, were left to die as the world watched.

Israel has the responsibility to protect Diaspora Jews

While Israel protects its citizens with all its might, it also has a responsibility to protect the Jews of the world. To achieve this, Israel must establish the “Jewish Agency to Combat Antisemitism,” similar to the Jewish Agency for Israel, created in 1929 for the purpose of assisting and encouraging Jews worldwide to help develop and settle Israel.

As the homeland and protector of the Jewish people, Israel must take this proactive measure to combat the rising tide of hatred and prejudice. It is no longer sufficient to rely solely on Jewish communities in the Diaspora to bear the burden of this fight. Israel possesses the resources, expertise, and determination needed to support them. It must do so.

The current war in Gaza underscores the urgency of the moment. This conflict with Hamas is possibly only in its nascent stage. As it persists, antisemitism abroad continues to proliferate. Across the West, antisemitic forces shamelessly harass, bully, and assault Jews. Israel and the Jewish people cannot afford to wait for the demise of Hamas before addressing this global epidemic of Jew hatred. Epidemics need remedies. By creating a “Jewish Agency to Combat Antisemitism,” Israel can take the lead in this fight. And in doing so, reassure Jews across the Diaspora that it maintains an unwavering commitment to their safety and security.

Despite its strength, Israel cannot fight this battle alone. Jewish communities in the Diaspora must continue to stand in solidarity with the Jewish state.

As Israel’s greatest external advocates, Diaspora Jews’ must continue their unwavering defense of the Jewish state in the public square. Jews in the Diaspora must do what they can to support the establishment and impact of the “Jewish Agency to Combat Antisemitism,” including providing significant funding.

To Israelis, Jewish Diaspora support reaffirms their connection to Jewish solidarity around the globe; and in turn, Jews around the world receive support from Israeli ingenuity, innovation, and intelligence capabilities.

This fight must be led by the Jewish people, but not confined solely to us. Alliances are essential in this struggle. For the first time in history, Israel and Jews have natural allies against a common enemy. The Islamo-leftist alliance – whether it is Hezbollah lobbing rockets or US college students burning Israeli and American flags – represents a threat to Jews and Americans alike. It abhors freedom, capitalism, and liberal values.

By forging partnerships with strategic allies, the Jewish people can mobilize greater support in the fight against antisemitism. The case must be made clear. Today, they chant “From the river to the sea” and simultaneously want to rewrite American history and overthrow American meritocracy. Our fight is your fight too.

By establishing the “Jewish Agency to Combat Antisemitism,” and rallying Jewish communities and allies worldwide, Israel can pave the way for a brighter, more secure future for the Jewish people.

As we celebrate Independence Day, the miracle of Israel’s founding as a necessary refuge to account for centuries of persecution, let’s use the moment to reestablish Israel’s role in the global fight to protect the Jewish people.

By committing to combat antisemitism in all its forms, Israel ensures a thriving Jewish future free from persecution and ostracization.