Posted by Hadas Sella, the Milstein Family Foundation’s Executive Director. Original post can be found at The Times of Israel Blog

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is a proud supporter of TAMID Group, a nonprofit organization that develops the professional skills of undergraduate students through hands-on interaction with the Israeli economy. A participant in TAMID’s recent Consult LA competition, Daniel Newman, shares how the program has influenced his life. You can read his post below.

I’ve been interested in Israeli innovation since childhood.  Growing up, I learned about PillCam, MobileEye, Intel Israel, and many more companies that have impacted millions of lives around the world. As I grew older, I dreamt of finding a way to connect my two biggest passions, business and Israel. When I arrived at USC, I finally found that dream: TAMID.

As a freshman, I registered for my first case competition, TAMID’s Consult LA, to gauge my interest in business and consulting. The strategy we developed aimed to grow’s market share in the web design international market, allowing Wix to continue leading in this ever-changing sector. I was completely shocked and honored when the judges announced us as the first place team.

I always knew Israel was advanced, but TAMID and Consult LA have truly opened my eyes to the extraordinary innovation that Israel fosters every day. Consult LA left a lasting impact on me, as I went on to declare a second major in Business Administration. It taught me the true possibilities that can stem from the Israeli economy, and I made sure to attend the AIPAC Policy Conference to advocate on behalf of our special Silicon Valley halfway across the world. Most importantly, TAMID in its entirety has showed me the value of teamwork and great leadership. This experience helped establish my personal foundation as I went on to run a successful campaign to be a school-wide elected Senator.

It was amazing to see the TAMID Group at USC team up with the TAMID Group at UCLA to produce such an engaging event. As I look back, I’m exceedingly appreciative I got the chance to participate, and I’m eagerly counting down the days until I can expand my knowledge in the field of innovation once again. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the Milstein Foundation for making Consult LA a reality, supporting our phenomenal TAMID chapter, and for having such a monumental impact on my life.